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October 11, 2015

Mr.dJ Large Facade

We have been in the DJ entertainment service since January 1995 and operate our business primarily on word of mouth. We offer the latest equipment and can provide any one of 30 different LED lights. We can also do smoke, haze, foam, bubbles, and snow!

We can bring a unique look to every show by uplighting our booth and it is standard for all of our DJs to drape all of our equipment so you do not see any wires and we blend with the colors of your event. We also have the option to use projection systems to display slideshows of pictures and videos to highlight important people and moments in your life. We can also use this feature to display the music videos to the songs we are playing!

With the projection we can put the bride and groom on a large screen at larger weddings so that the guests can see the traditionalities comfortably,  and even display the photos from the photo booth to be entertaining and encouraging to visit the booth!

At every show our main goal is to engage your guests so that they are entertained, dancing, playing games and hanging around for the entire time. In this respect, we are helping you get more out of your dollar. More importantly, we aim to create a memorable day that will keep your guests there until the end and create a lasting memory of your big day for years to come!

If you are looking for the best services and best price, contact Hey! Mr. DJ! Entertainment Services, LLC.

Remember, Your Day…Your Way!

Meet Some of Our DJs!

We’re working on completing our DJ’s profiles right now. Please be patient while we perfect them!

Mr. DJ

Mr.DJ: well, they call him that for a reason! He has performed for more than 3500 wedding and events in his 21+ years. He is a multi-tasker and will do everything in his power to help everyone at your event from the guests to the other vendors. Mr. DJ is skilled in all things event and wedding oriented. He does everything from leading the guests in interactive experiences, to dancing with grandma and leading line dances, to ensuring timelines are met to making a smooth event occur, to magic tricks with the kids and even helping remove plates from tables, all while keeping the dance floor full and helping the guests burning off the calories from dinner!

DJ Matt

DJ Matt enjoys being upbeat and gets the crowd hyped every time…even when not thought possible! You are likely to see him teaching your family how to do the newest latest dances!

DJ Eiffel

DJ Eiffel is a talented dancer and loves to keep the crowd pumped and singing along to the hits! Great with all ages, but kids above and beyond!

DJ Ryan

DJ Ryan is a unique presence, great with any crowd. He keeps everyone on the floor and having a great time, is an accomplished singer. and is not afraid of the mic or to dance with Grandma!