October 11, 2015

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.




When is my payment due?

Your deposit is due at the signing of the contract, at your initial consultation! Final payment is due no later than 30 days previous to your reserved date.

When should I start working to book my DJ/Photographer/etc.?

It is always good to plan ahead to make sure your event is just what you want it to be. We recommend planning and booking about a year in advance.

What if my mom wants things a little “differently” than I do?

For that matter, anyone that has a request outside of the Bride and Groom’s do’s/dont’s… we will communicate with the Bride and Groom to clear any different request. While we take into consideration all requests for anything we do, It is YOUR day and we will always confer with the Bride to ensure a smooth and fun event.

We want to show a memory video during our event, can you help?

Yes, we have the equipment (LCD projector, screen, and TV/DVD player) available for the presentation. I’ll also bring the necessary cables so that the music from the presentation plays through my sound system.

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When are my information sheets and music sheets due?

All forms are due no later than 30 days before your event to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Also, so that we can finalize all the details within the office.

Is there anything I need to provide for you?

Other than your information sheets, and any important information that would be vital for us to have, we will provide anything and everything you will need!

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How long have you been in business?

Mr. DJ has been a professional DJ for over 21 years. See About Us

Can you provide references?

You bet! PLENTY! See our References

Are you insured?

Absolutely! This should be one of the first 5 questions you ask any vendor who will be providing services at your event!

What do we wear?

Your DJ will be dressed appropriately for the type of event (we can match your colors!). During setup time, we may be dressed a little more casual but yet still professional. This is to make sure that we don’t get our attire dirty while moving equipment.

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When do you come and set up?

We arrive 1 hour and 45 minutes in advance, which leaves us with about 30 minutes of time prior to the event’s beginning. (setup and tear down is on us)

When does my time start?

The contracted time starts when you want it to start. This means either starting with “background” music before the wedding party arrives, or with the announcements of the wedding party, or at a specified time that you have chosen.

What is contracted time?

From the very first song played as you have contracted us to start, until the contracted stop time!

Is there a fee for travel or setup/take down time?

We do not charge a travel fee unless the event location is more than 30 miles from our address (using Yahoo! Maps). Setup and take down time are included in our services; you are not charged for this time.

Can overtime be charged by the ½ hour instead of the hour?

Yes, overtime can be charged on a ½ hour basis. It’s 11 o’clock and you’re having fun but you’re not quite sure whether or not you’ll be able to dance ’til midnight, we can always charge it by the ½ hour.

What if something happens to your equipment or goes wrong?

Each DJ has a trailer full of backup computers, hard drives, and extra equipment. We can assure you that we have been in this business long enough to be prepared for nearly anything and everything!

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Why should I hire a DJ when I can just use my iPod and rent a sound system?

An experienced DJ will be able to read your crowd and react to their musical tastes. While you may load an iPod up with a lot of songs you may like, think about your guests. The most talked about receptions are where the guests are having a fun time and the dance floor is busy. You’ve heard the term “silence is golden” – well, not when it comes to DJing. One of my pet peeves is to have silence between songs. You want your music to flow from song to song, not starting and stopping.

Aside from the music, an iPod can’t handle all of the other particulars that take place during a reception, such as introductions, dismissing tables for the buffet line, announcing bouquet/garter toss, interacting with the crowd, games,etc. While it may be a way to cut costs of the reception, it will have a greater impact on the quality of the night. Your guests will be talking about it for a long time, but unfortunately not in a good way. The DJ is the most IMPORTANT part of the reception!

Do you take requests?

This is your choice. Normally, we do take requests from your guests, unless you specify otherwise. However, we try to ensure that requests are appropriate for the occasion and that it is something that people will dance to.

Is it customary to tip my DJ?

This is one of those questions that you want to ask, but are afraid to. My response is, “it’s up to you.” A tip is something that someone gives for good service, whether it is at a restaurant, barbershop, or wedding reception. A tip should never be asked for. If you feel that good service was given then feel free to tip that person! It is very customary at 18-25%. Just remember That your DJ works for Hey! Mr. DJ! Entertainment Services, LLC, and works a lot of hours behind the scene to ensure that YOUR day goes smoothly. Tipping is a way to show your appreciation for his hard work.

What is the minimum amount of time that you’ll play?

For most events it’s a 2-hour minimum. However there are exceptions to this rule, Contact Us for your situation.

How many people does the DJ bring with him?

When you book with me to do a wedding reception, you usually get one person, your DJ. If you are also booking your Videography, Photography, FotoFace Booth, or rentals with us you could expect one person per service. If we are setting up your rentals for you expect 2-6 people before hand and afterward to ensure a beautiful set-up.

Should I reserve a space for the DJ and photographer at a table for dinner?

Yes, it is common place for an extra table to be available for your wedding vendors.

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Don’t see your question on our list? Reach out to us and ask us personally. We’re happy to help.