Reception Games

October 11, 2015


Games are interactive tools to keep your guest entertained and hanging around enjoying the evening. If they are engaged they will stay! Face it, we have all been to the dull party or reception and kept watching the clock and the door waiting for an opportunity to make a quick escape. We don’t want that and we strive to earn and continue our business by word of mouth… It is our goal to keep your guests having fun and doing things that will keep them wanting more. Games are not for everyone but can add memorability and flare to any event!

Get To Know The Guest

This is typically done post-ceremony when pictures are being taken. It is a great way to get your separate families to learn more about each other and feel like one large family. Questions are asked and answered by a representative from each family and the representatives answer them and introduce everyone at their table. The winner is presented with a prize and everyone is now introduced!

T.V./ Show Tunes Game

This game is a unique way to fill the air at any point, but has become a popular addition to introducing the tables to the buffet.

Newlywed Game

This is a fun game for everyone to watch and the Bride and Groom to play while dinner is wrapping up. The Bride and Groom are sat in two chairs back to back and both are given handheld props (One is a bride, the other is a groom). They are asked questions to help their families see into who and how they are in their relationship. They rarely answer the same way!! This game is not only hilarious for everyone, but also is a great way to bring the attention back to you before the traditionalities begin.

Air Guitar

This classic game is brought to life with blow-up guitars and props and all of the classic hits. A classic guitar hit is chosen and the contestant is given 30 seconds to demonstrate their best representation of the guitar solo then after all have had an opportunity to play. The winners are voted based on their peers applause, this game rocks!

Kissing Game

This game is a unique way that your guests can help ensure that both of you learn a little more romance before the evening is over. This is a hit!

In It to Win It

Base on the Minute to Win It series, there are literally hundreds of games to get your guest having a ball. We can do individuals, teams, or mixed groups — all in less than one minute.

Buzz Tunes

This game is a fun way to break the ice by using teams. The goal is to get one member to get their team to guess the popular song title by listening to the other use animal noises to emulate the song!!

These are just some of the popular games we do, but we offer many more options to entertain your crowd! Contact us to see what we can come up with for your day!