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Ceremony Tips


Here are some Ceremony Tips for you that we have found to be helpful, cute, and creative over our many years in the business.
Remember, Your Day… Your Way!

Don’t Forget: Be sure that everyone’s devices are muted prior to the ceremony!

Tip #1: Generally speaking, you must allow no less than 30 minutes for guests to arrive! This may utilize 7-10 songs! Some of these songs are commonly interchanged with a different part of the ceremony! It all depends on your taste and opinion!

Tip #2: Have all of your vendors talk and use their phones or two-way radio systems to create the perfect flow and fast communication between them!

Tip #3: If you have a big or outdoor venue for your Ceremony consider microphones for the minister and the two of you. This allows your guests to be a part of the Ceremony without struggling to hear your beautiful vows!

Tip #4: Consider the Sand Ceremony instead of the Candle Lighting. Not only does this eliminate the fire hazard but you can set your sand creation in your home as a constant and beautiful reminder of your union!

Tip #5: If you decide that the Candle Lighting Ceremony is still what you wish to do make sure that you use a wind-resistant lighter like a Zippo!

Tip #6: Entrances are the longest part of the Ceremony, choose a song that gives ample amount of time for everyone to enter. Having the bridal party lined up in order before they start walking cuts down on mistakes and extra gaps between partners.

Tip #7: Try and keep the same genre of music throughout the entire Ceremony to maintain a smooth sounding flow between songs!

Tip #8: The Processional is obviously the most important part of the ceremony! Take your time, and revel in the moment! Keep your eyes on your groom (he is most likely crying, lol 🙂 )! It is your day, do exactly as you wish!

Tip #9: When you reach your groom, take a breath, wipe the tears, smile and hold your head high! Take it all in and enjoy, this is YOUR day!

Tip #10: Once the Ceremony is complete take a couple of minutes to thank your guests and invite them to your reception! We can help you do this and all of the above!

Tip #11: Before your big day make sure to plan well with the Photographer so they know exactly what shots you want and there is no confusion or stress on your happy day. This also will help cut down on the time keeping you from your reception!

Tip #12: And remember, Your pictures and or video will be with you for a lifetime, so always smile when facing the camera in order to retain the captured memories.

Congratulations from all of us at Hey! Mr. DJ! Entertainment Services, LLC.
“Let The Music Play!”