Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is an excellent way to add fun to your event, providing a lighthearted way to get your guests involved and encourage them to stay involved. Unlike most photo booths ours is manned by a live photographer who will help to pose/ coach you and your guests to get the best pictures! 

Our Photo Booths also come with several different props! Anything from giant sunglasses, blow up guitars, feather boas, giant mask heads, wigs, and so much more! 

With these photo booths different packages can be selected: Standard or Unlimited, meaning that your guests will be able to go home with at least one of the their photo booth masterpieces! IF you select the unlimited package they can go home with as many of those as they would like! We snap and print them right then and there! 

If you want to see all the crazy fun faces and poses that your guests have done inside the photo booth then we will also include a link that will be sent to you after your event where you can go and view all these photos! If they’re really good we may even ask to use it on our social medias! 

We have several photo booth styles! Our LED booths and LED walls are the most popular! The booths offer privacy and can fit up to 16 people inside! 

Here are some of the benefits of our Photo Booth:

• We automatically post your photos online so they are immediately available (unless you request for us not to)
• A professional photographer means that the quality is much higher, and not automated
• You won’t have to worry about printing out your photographs or paying extra to have additional prints made
• You can upload the photos to your favorite sites instantly
• We have a myriad of fun props for all occasions – holidays, superheroes, weddings… the list goes on!
• Our standard setup can shoot up to 10 people at a time, from head to toe or from your waist up, not just shoulders and head like other options

On top of all of this, we can also provide you with a variety of photo sizes and/or monogrammed pictures.

Another thing we are proud to offer is the option to get a unique, personalized guest book (must be ordered in advance), to let your guests personalize the attendance. They get a photo to take home, and one goes into a memory book (created later) for you.

We also offer variations on the booth itself depending on the size of the venue. We have a Photo Wall that you can also rent that is unique because it allows you to have a more family-oriented setting for your photos, and you can even bring framed family photos to hang on the outside of the photo wall to make it even more personal. On top of this, we offer an enclosed photo booth. Our enclosed booth can be customized as the backdrop style to fit certain dimensions. The enclosed booth is popular as it allows your guests to let loose a bit more as the fellow guests cannot see their actions. 16 people can typically fit in all of our styles, and the photographer creates a mini photo shoot effect for the guests. People love it!

This backdrop style allows your other guests to see what is actually happening instead of having to wait for the guest to come out from behind a curtain, as is standard in all regular photo booths.


Sure do. Book it for 4 hours and we will even let you use our premium props for it!

Yep! Our most common is the LED booths

We have both. The most common is the LED enclosed because people are more likely to act like themselves! More private= candid photos for days!

No, sure don’t. All of our booths are staffed who will make sure you will get great photos/ videos and coach you through the photoshoot!

We can print 4×6 photos on site but we have several different options. Each guest can receive 1 copy of the 4×6 photo

That’s fine! As the special guest you can get unlimited personal photos.

We can even send you all of the photos on a USB within 2 weeks

We also upload all of the images to our social medias so that your guests can get them on their phones from there.

Sure do and we can put almost any background on there for you!


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