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Reception Tips

Reception Tips

Here are some Reception Tips for you that we have found to be helpful, cute, and creative over our many years in the business… use one, use them all, or don’t use any of them! The goal is to break the ice for everyone and to create a fun and memorable experience for all.

Remember, Your Day… Your Way!

Tip #1: A projection system rental is a way to keep your crowd entertained with a slideshow of yourselves while you’re taking your post-ceremony photos. Another option is that FotoFace photos can be shown as a comedy interlude! We can handle the rest with ice breaking activities. The music video & karaoke are also great.

Tip #2
: One neat thing to do is give comical BIOS to each person in your bridal party so when they are entering your crowd is laughing and having fun. Make this fun and memorable! Come in dancing, throwing candy or whatever creative idea you can come up with! This part actually sets the tone for the entire evening! Have fun!

Tip #3: Following your entry do a meet & greet so no one feels left out! Also, you finish eating first, so during dinner speak to everyone that has attended.

Tip #4: A bit everyone enjoys is the Newlywed Game to bring the focus back to you. Then the toast will immediately follow dinner leading to the rest of the traditionalities.

Tip #5
: Having the toasts done at the cake station creates a beautiful backdrop for you photos and videos. Now, your family and friends can enjoy your cake while watching all of the traditional dances!

Tip #6: Remember, Your Day… Your Way! With that being said if you want to drag your partner to a ballroom dancing class so you can have a traditional beautiful dance, DO SO!

Tip #7: Make you’re Father/Mother feel special, say a little something to him/her on the microphone, learn a new dance together, or make a mini photo slide showing your favorite photos of the two of you. Any of these things would make a great surprise and make them feel special!

Tip #8: For the garter removal, be creative, give it some thought. We’ve got some great ideas using what we call “The Box,” so think outside of it….make it FUN and MEMORABLE!

Tip #9: Be original…be creative. Fake the garter/bouquet toss!

Tip #10: Games, like the generation dance, are a great tool to engage the married couples…it gives a special moment for you both, the newest married couple & the longest married couple. At the end of the dance, they give you advice on how to stay together!

Tip #11: Don’t pick all of the music, but definitely make a small list of your favorites…Allow for requests and DJ creativity. The 5 hour package allows for approximately an hour and a half of open dance. A good amount of time!

Tip #12: Make sure to get on the microphone & thank everyone for showing up and sharing your special day with you. Have a creative “Goodbye!” For example, have guests line up outside with a double line making a path for you both, holding sparklers in hand!

Tip #13: The last tip…Make sure to take everything in, as it is a new adventure in life for the two of you! Always communicate and learn with every step you take!

From all of us at Hey! Mr. DJ! Entertainment Services, LLC.
Congratulations and we will see you soon!